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USB-Compatible, SS Wireless Modem
Zenkuman SSC-161

What's SSC-161?

SSC-161 is a device which enables easy wireless communication between PC (USB) and peripheral devices (RS-232C).

The possible maximum length of wireless communication is 300m, 20 times more than the length of RS-232C. SSC-161 wireless communication is 2.4GHz.

SSC-161 has the direct sequence spread spectrum (DS-SS wireless) and high reliability.

High Reliability
High noise immunity and interference by direct sequence spread spectrum.
Long Distance
The maximum length is 300m.
(This length varies according to conditions of surrounding radio wave.)

SSC-161 can be connected to USB or RS-232C and then communicate.
No Construction Work
Transceiver system without power distribution work can be structured.
No Lisence Needed
SSC-161 meets the technical criterion, so no license, qualification, or application is needed.
No Power Supply Needed
Power is supplied to SSC-161 from PC when connecting to USB.
(An exclusive AC adapter is needed separately when connecting to RS-232C.)

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