TechnoScope has developed products with IEEE 1394 technology immediately after since it was formulated in 1995. As a result, since April, 1997 in when we started distributing our first product, PFW-2, to the present date, we have had a lot of customers. Over 15,000 units of our products have been adopted for industry purposes, mostly used for machinery operating 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. These results show that TechnoScope products have stability behavior which has been one of the most challenging problems of products for industry purposes.

PFW-85 800Mbps, PCI bus, 2 ports info
PFW-86 800Mbps, 64bit PCI bus, 2 ports info
PFW-87 800Mbps, PCI Express (x1) info
PFW-88 800Mbps, PCI Express (x4) info

CFW-81 800Mbps, ExpressCard/34  

ZCL-2 Image Input Library info
ZCL-2 Pro Compatible with various triggers, TG-1 supported, Multiple PC Reception info

PR-280 800Mbps, 1394 to 1394 conversion info

PR-581 800Mbps, 5 ports, Power supply support info

FCR-1 Uncompressed recording, Reproducing device info

TG-1 External trigger generator info

PR-381 800Mbps, 3 ports, Power supply support info
PFW-41 IEEE1394 400Mbps-compatible, PCI bus, 3 ports info
PFW-42 IEEE1394 400Mbps-compatible, PCI bus, 2 ports, with Multi I/O port info
PFW-46 IEEE1394 400Mbps-compatible, PCI bus, 2 ports,
brackets for Low Profile PCI included
CFW-46 IEEE1394 400Mbps, Card bus compatible, 2 ports
dedicated AC adapter included
PFW-41SDK Application development kit info
PFW-41DDK Target firmware development support kit info


Bus monitor kit info
PR-642R 6 ports, 1U rack mount type info
PR-642 6 ports, Stand alone type : OEM dedicated products
PRB-642 6 ports, 5 inch bay charging type : OEM dedicated products  
PR-1443 14 ports (4 ports with 4 pin connector included) : OEM dedicated product  
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